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Have you ever been on a reality show? Me neither, but now I can say I’ve come awfully close.

Saul and I had the unique experience of spending the last nine months with a woman from Ohio University named Hailee Tavoian. The words “strategy” and “advancement” and “marketing” are all in her title, but big words scare me, so I don’t ... Read More

I know a little girl whose momma had breast cancer this summer. As soon as the diagnosis was announced, that young lady, though she was just 11, set out to do whatever she could to spread kindness throughout the house. She helped her daddy with chores, kept peace with her brothers, and delivered food and water to her mother when ... Read More

Today I will run. That sounds like the title of a children’s book sitting on my shelf. Maybe it is. I’d get up and look, but then I would be giving in to procrastination. I have two big plans for the day: 1) writing in my cancer journal and 2) RUNNING!

I’m actually excited to see if I can do it. ... Read More