If the quickest way to man’s heart is through his stomach, then the quickest way to a mom’s heart is through her children.

Nothing melts my heart faster than someone showing kindness to my kids.

Rachel Heggen, a Fargo mom, must have been a puddle after meeting a very kind woman at the Fargodome. Here’s her story:

“My daughter, Abigail, had just turned 4, and, like most girls her age, loved to play princess.

“Disney Live: Three Classic Fairy Tales” was coming to Fargo, and my husband and I decided to give our daughter a huge surprise by taking her to see real live princesses.

I had noticed that the television commercials were being aired constantly, but I figured we could show up an hour or two before the show and pick up some tickets. We were thinking that the cheap “nose-bleed” seats would be just fine and just as exciting as the VIP. Plus, the price was right.

The morning of the show, I told Abbie she was going to see real, live princesses. She immediately got out her princess Halloween costume and best crown to wear that evening. After what was one of her longest days ever, we picked her up from day care and headed home to make the transformation then left for the Dome.

We drove right up to the parking lot, thinking nothing out of the ordinary would happen, purchased our parking pass and found a great spot. As our family walked into the building, you could hear little girl shrills of excitement in the air. My husband went over to purchase tickets ,while Abbie and I went to check out a Cinderella photo booth, which had a line of various little princesses and excited mothers.

As we walked back to meet my husband get the tickets, he looked at me and said, “They just sold out!” I figured he was pulling my leg and wanted to get a reaction. I truly did not believe him. How could it be sold out when they still were advertising 15 minutes before we left the house?

I walked up to the ticket booth and asked if it was true. The ticket lady said they had a rush of people before we got there. I turned around to see my pink princess standing there with a huge smile on her face ready to see Cinderella. I tried my best to explain that there were no more tickets left.

Abbie clearly did not understand, saying instead, “Momma, we’re here to see the princesses!” I looked down at her big brown eyes and said sadly that we had to go home.

Just then, a stranger approached us with tickets in hand. She complimented Abigail on her dress and crown, then asked, “Would you and your mom like to join me to watch the show?” I was flabbergasted.

I offered to pay for the tickets, but she wouldn’t allow it. It turned out that she had flown in from California to watch her daughter, who was one of the actresses in the show. The woman had been waiting in the lobby and said that she noticed this little girl and thought she should be able to see the princesses (especially since she was a beautiful miniature one).

So, Abigail and I walked with the kind woman to our seats – right on the floor! She pointed out her daughter and told us some of the neat stories of the actors and their adventures traveling the world. She beamed with pride as her daughter sang and danced. I was beaming with happiness as my little girl watched her magical princesses come alive on stage.

After the wonderful show, I tried to convince her again that I would pay for the tickets, and she again refused. I never got the woman’s information, so I can’t send her a thank-you note, but that random act of kindness will forever be engrained in my memory. I hope she knows how thankful I am for that wonderful time and for allowing my princess to watch hers on stage.”

Thanks for proving that fairy tales do come true, Rachel. I hope our world is still small enough that somehow, your message is delivered to your Fairy Godmother in California.


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Nicole Phillips is a former television anchor for Fox News in Fargo. She is the mother of three kids and the wife of Bison Men’s Head Basketball Coach Saul Phillips. Her columns run every Saturday.