Someone I love in Ohio got into a car accident over the weekend. My first thought was to run to him. He’s okay, but I wanted to be there. To hug his neck and pray with him and reassure him that this accident at age 16 might keep him out of baseball for the season, but it won’t define the rest of his life.

I’m in Wisconsin visiting my dad in the nursing home, staying with my Aunt Mary, and keeping her in check. (Just kidding Auntie!)

Saul is home holding down the fort in South Dakota while I’m on the road. He’s juggling kids’ activities with the help of some very kind carpooling neighbors.

There are too many places for me to be.

Do you ever feel that way? Stretched between running from this need to that need – never quite sure you are where you are supposed to be?

I called Saul and told him I wanted to drive from Wisconsin to Ohio before driving back to South Dakota.

He said no.

Um… excuse me? Did you just say your wife’s least favorite word?

(We all know that’s not going to go well.)

Saul continued, saying, “Nic, you are where you are supposed to be right now. Stay. Be there with your dad. Let the situation in Ohio calm down before you go running into the chaos.”

It took me a little while with God to see Saul’s wisdom.

Our God is not a god of chaos and confusion. He doesn’t whip everything up all at once to see how fast we can run.

No. He wants us to continually bring our needs to Him while looking around at where we are with gratitude.

Gratitude? For what? An aging parent? A kid in the emergency room? Everything happening all at once?

Yes, gratitude. I feel it right now.

Because even though I can’t be everywhere at once, God can. And He is.

That wipes away the confusion and settles my heart.

If you’re feeling pulled, maybe it’s worth setting down your shoes and instead hitting your knees. Asking God where He wants you.

Maybe, like Saul said to me, God will say to you, “You are where you are supposed to be right now. Stay.”