I have information! Now I just need to figure out what to do with it…

The doctor tells me I have invasive lobular cancer. I always like to be known as special, so thankfully, that same doctor tells me the type of breast cancer I am carrying is pretty rare– found in only 14% of the cases.

It is positive for hormone receptors (good) and negative for HER2 (good).

At this point, they are calling it Stage 1, unless you count the individual masses as one, then I would technically be considered Stage 2. Either way, we calling it FIXABLE!

I’m not sure how we are going to fix it, but that’s what Saul and I will talk about tomorrow. We are heading home early from our Virginia vacation, and (after a quick stop tonight at a hotel with a super fun waterslide pool!) we will meet the doctor at THE JAMES tomorrow afternoon.

Can I just take a moment to stop and say how grateful I am? I have a MILLION reasons to give thanks right now, but here are some really basic ones: 1) my husband has a job that allows him the flexibility to run all over tarnation with me and 2) we drove to Virginia so we don’t have to hassle with rebooking airline tickets and 3) we have the means to rent a nice hotel room for one more night so my kids don’t feel cheated out of their vacation.

Finally, and this is a BIG one: 4) Dr. Peggy found the cancer in a routine annual visit before it spread all over my body. Would you all please praise God for that one and ask Him to absolutely shower her with blessings in thanks for me? Amen.