A year ago we were living in a home filled with uncertainty. My husband’s basketball season was coming to a close and we were unsure what the next few months would bring.

While we thought there would be two more years to build the team, we could hear faint voices yelling from the sidelines, “Off with his head!”

Social media is a scary place to be when you live in a house of anxiety. I didn’t want to see the opinions of the fans or the foes, but like a moth to the flame I would fly over to Twitter and secretly monitor the conversations happening about us. My wings would get burned every time.

Have you ever done that? There is something out there on the World Wide Web and you know you don’t want to see it (like your ex with his new girlfriend) and yet your fingers drift over to the search bar and there you are, facing the thing that will surely pull you into the black hole.

Here we are, one year later, and our home has been restored to a place of joy and peace.

Saul’s new team in our new town won the conference championship this weekend. There will be more games in more tournaments to be won or lost, but I want to pause here to give you a little encouragement.

If you are in a spot of life that feels uncertain, perhaps even hopeless, keep showing up. Put one foot in front of the other. Look for the treasures God leaves along the path of each day to remind you He loves you. And look for ways you can softly, gently love someone else.

This too shall pass, my friend. The other side is waiting and there will be lots to celebrate when you come out of this storm.