I got back from LA late Saturday night. The whole family was wide awake and practicing their best (loudest and highest) opera voices.

The next morning I went out to collect a week’s worth of mail. No one thought to bring it in, or maybe they knew I would get a kick out of seeing how many things our mailman, Kevin, could fix into one tiny box. Well done, Kevin!

On my way back in the house, I noticed a sign hanging next to our front door, encouraging people to shout Ding Dong because the doorbell is broken.

I so clearly remember the me who once existed. The me who thought there was a certain way to do things. Schedules and rules and organization were of great priority.

Then one day my priorities changed. All the things that were broken, no longer seemed like things that needed to be fixed. I started to see them as part of the fabric of our lives. Instead of weaving together black and white (right and wrong) I began to see the value in the multitude of colors that come from letting go of the pressure of perfection.

The tapestry of our lives became beautiful to me.

What are you trying to fix in your life that really doesn’t need fixing? Take a deep breath. Memorize a relaxing mantra. Then look at how colorful life can be when we stop trying to control it and vow to simply enjoy it.