Warning: Do not read this while eating. Or if you have an aversion to juvenile humor.

Sigmund Freud would have a field day with my dreams, and last night totally capped it off.

First, let me say, I am heading to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia today to spend some time with the kids.

Second, this is the day I am anticipating getting a call from THE JAMES clinic about the severity of my breast cancer and possible treatment options.

So, I go to bed last night and I have a dream.

I dream of walking into a bathroom stall in Busch Gardens and there, on the back of the toilet seat is a big, brown turd.

I stood there and looked at it and knew I had a choice. I could either turn around and leave it there for someone else to deal with, or I could do the kind thing, and get rid of it.

I chose kindness. I didn’t want someone else to have to deal with the disgusting mess, so (in my dream) I took a wad of toilet paper and pushed the turd into the toilet and flushed.

My husband wakes up this morning and declares he had a weird dream where a former coaching friend made a cameo appearance.

“I can beat that” I said. I went on to explain my bathroom dream.

Saul immediately says, “Wow. That’s pretty symbolic.”

I truly hadn’t thought of it… that I am heading to Busch Gardens and I’m pretty sure I’m going to get handed a big old turd of an announcement today. I will have to choose to flush it and go on with my day or leave it sit there in the midst of our fun for everyone else to deal with.

Man, I hope I have the strength to flush it.

Wait!!! My brilliant husband has just come up with a third option! He wants me to trust that there is a bathroom attendant nearby who is skilled in this type of procedure and equipped with all the proper tools to handle this stinky problem.

I’m looking at you, JAMES. Get out your gloves and hazmat suit.

By the way, I do understand this is an incredibly stupid blog about an incredibly stupid dream, but my husband is sitting beside me laughing his head off right now. And God knows, we really need to laugh today.