I’ve been in Fargo five days. In that time, I’ve met a high schooler who left home at 14, a woman who is terrified the depression she suffered last winter will be back, a widow grieving her loss and wishing for friends, and a brilliantly beautiful young woman with cerebral palsy and a desire to bravely share her message.

Each person I meet has a story because everyone has a story. You do. I do. So does that person who makes you crazy at work and the ones who almost made you late today because they drove like sloths.

It’s funny because the more I see people from afar, like on the news, the more I hate people. But the more I see people up close, the more I love them.

Is it the same with you? Are you discouraged by humanity because you see the actions of people on TV and in the sometimes superficial world of social media?

Let me invite you to take a closer look.

Those people I’ve met and continue to meet each have a story that is captivating. They are powerful. They are goodness waiting to happen and I want a front row seat.

When we take the time to ask questions and uncover the incredible journey another person is walking, we are given a gift.

We are reminded that people are brave and kind, and that we are brave and kind too.