My husband has just won an award that has us doubled over in hysterics. Hold on a sec, I have to quit laughing. Okay, are you ready?

My husband, Saul Phillips, has been named the third sexiest mid-major coach of 2016! Need to see the documentation for yourself? I can’t blame you. Not everyone gets that kind of national recognition.

This is funny to our family for so many reasons– probably for all the reasons it would be funny to your family if your husband would have been listed. We see him at his best and we see him… well, we see him trying to imitate Zoolander.


My husband. He’s the sexy one on the right.

The other thing that’s hysterical about this whole thing is my naivete when it comes to sports writers. The article was written by Steph Crandall, which I assumed was a fancy way of spelling Steve Crandall. I found it incredibly odd that a man would be judging his fellow man according to their hotness on a sports website. Let’s just say that a wife only has to do a tiny bit of research to find out Steph can also be short for Stephanie, and that sports organizations do indeed hire women to write columns. YAY WOMEN in 2016! You go Sports Girls! (Side note: Hi Steph! So sorry! You have good taste, I think my husband is hot, too!)

All this got me thinking about what qualifies someone as sexy. The reporter (Steph) says her guys have to be both good looking and successful. Saul certainly checks off those categories, but that’s a far cry from what makes him sexy to me.

How about a guy who does the dishes? Or gets up with a coughing kid in the middle of the night? Or holds his wife’s hand before she’s rolled into surgery?

Carly Simon released a song in 1987 called “Stuff that Dreams are Made Of” — it’s one of my favs. The lyrics spoke to me long before Saul became sexy to reporters. Come over to my house sometime and I’ll sing it for you. Here are a few lyrics:

Don’t look at your man in the same old way
Take a new picture
Just because you don’t see shooting stars
Doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect
Can’t you see… It’s the stuff that dreams are made of

Sexy can mean a lot of different things. Take another look at the one who crawls into bed with you each night. Take a new picture. If the relationship needs a tweak, then be the bigger man (or woman) and step forward with special acts of love toward that tired old relationship. Create your own shooting stars.

Okay, one last thing: Steph, this is the third year you’ve ranked mid-major coaches, but only the first time my husband has made the list. I’m glad you finally caught on to his brand of sexy. What took you so long? And if we could move him up to the #1 spot next year, that would be great, thanks.