So I’m probably not supposed to say anything about this yet, but since you keep showing up and reading my stuff, I figure you’re a safe person to share things with.

I’m launching a podcast! Now you don’t have to read my blog while you’re driving!

I’ll give you all the details later this summer, like what it’s called, what it’s about and where to find it.

Today I just had to tell you about it, because I got to interview a man for that podcast who said something so simple, yet profound, it still resonates in my ears.

He said, “If you were heading into a birthday party and I told you to keep a mental tally of all the things that were wrong or bad about the party, you’d come out with a long list to share with me. But if I asked you to keep track of all the things that were really great about that party, you’d come out with a list that was equally as long. Same party, different focus.”

Like a thin piece of cellophane, I keep laying those words over the reality of my life.

My kids are out of school for the summer. Am I freaking out because now I have to think about how the kids will be entertained when I want to meet a friend for coffee? Or am I relishing in the quiet, sleepy mornings that certainly mean more snuggles on the couch before we begin the day?

I’m cut off in traffic. Do I immediately get annoyed at another driver’s rude behavior? Or do I remind myself that I have plenty of time to get where I’m going?

How about you? What can you lay those words on?

Maybe you go through the drive-thru and the employee is gruff and grumpy. Do you drive away wondering if you should complain to the manager? Or do you think, I’m so glad I don’t have to work there today. That has to be hard… on her feet all day… I bet she goes home exhausted and still has to take care of her kids, too.

I wonder what would happen if we pretended that it was our duty– our role, our job– to pick out all the great things about the circumstances around us.

I bet we’d go to bed each night with beautiful thoughts in our heads and great peace our hearts.