Our minds can go in a lot of directions in a short period of time. Would you agree?

Just yesterday I was thinking about Christmas presents, the Packers’ game and tomatoes all at the same time. Has that ever happened to you?

A few weeks ago, I met a magician named Taylor Hughes. I didn’t know it at the time, but he’s kind of a big deal. I mean he performed with Mickey Mouse once. So, yeah. He’s good at what he does.

It wasn’t the illusion that stuck with me though. It was his words. Taylor told a story about his grandmother. She taught Taylor to take some time in each day to sit and remember.

That’s it. No planning. No plotting. No figuring out. Just remembering.

Isn’t that beautiful?

I’ve added “Remembering” to my daily to-do list. It fits best for me either early in the morning or just before bedtime, but maybe you’ll find remembering time on your drive to work or during an afternoon break.

Today I remembered that time God helped me quit drinking. And that time a young mom taught me about kindness. And the day I met a new friend.

I’m wondering what you’ll remember today.

Sometimes we have to remember the hard stuff so we can see how far we’ve come. Sometimes we can remember the sweet stuff like holding hands or the first bite of the best meal we ever had.

Time remembering isn’t time wasted. Instead, it tethers us to the present and reminds us to savor each moment so someday it will be there when we need to remember it.

Kind of magical, isn’t it?