I’ve been putting off reading anything that has to do with breast cancer– and what to expect post-surgery. I don’t want to know about anesthesia and tubes and scars. Everyone’s story is different, so why bother hearing a horror story about a woman who woke up mid-surgery?

I’ve been rolling with the what-you-don’t-know-can’t-hurt-you theory. But then my new friend, Kim Wagner, sent me her book, Saying Goodbye to the Girls. Okay, with a title like that, how can I not read it?

Thankfully, Kim has a great sense of humor, so while I did cry at parts, I mainly giggled and none of it gave me bad dreams.

That book went so well that I thought I’d try another. Amazon suggested I read, Let Me Get This Off My Chest by Margaret Lesh. Again, I laughed, I cried, but I did not freak out.

Reading those books was kind of like sitting for coffee with a couple of good friends. They only tell you what they know you can handle, but they don’t hold back from telling you the truth.

I told Saul he should read them so he can see what’s going on in my brain, but my brain is a scary place to be right now, so I think he’s going to pass.