Everyday after school, my son does two things: he washes his hands (I can’t even begin to guess what he has touched in the last six hours) and he unloads his backpack.

Unzipping his backpack opens a window into my first grader’s day. An award for learning to write 120 numbers! A certificate for being quiet in the hallway! A tooth necklace to celebrate that newly acquired gap in his mouth!

There are worksheets and a reading log and an occasional birthday invitation.

But never this.


Until now.

Folded ever so carefully and tucked into his red folder was an anonymous love letter to my son. I’m certain he had no intention of showing it to me because he turned about four shades of red when I held it in my hands and asked, “Who’s this from?”

Now Ben is not much for divulging secrets, so even if he did know, I’m not sure he’d tell me. He plays it pretty close to the vest. However…

Ben is saving up for an electronic, so as all good moms do, I bribed him. All good moms do that, right???

Ben spilled the beans on the first grade gossip and told me there are actually two little girls in his class who may have written it.

Wait, what?! My son in a miniature ladies man. How did I miss that?

I happened to be volunteering in the classroom the next day when both of the girls who are sweet on my boy came to give me a big hug. What luck! With both of them standing in front of me, I knelt down and said “Hey ladies! Does either one of you know who drew that picture for Ben?”

One girl shot her hand straight up in the air, while the other pointed sideways and said, “It was her.”

“What’s it a picture of?” I asked.

“That’s me and Ben holding hands!” she proudly answered.

“Why is he wearing a skirt?”

“I don’t know how to draw boys yet.”

That answer in itself was enough to make me fall in love with this spunky little sweetheart, but her next answer sealed the deal.

“Okay, one last question.” I continued. “Why do you like Ben?”

Without skipping a beat and in a tone that said I should already know this, she said, “Because he’s considerate and kind!”

Oh be still my heart. My son is considerate and kind to his friends– even the girls! This calls for cake and ice-cream.

Not only did I want to wrap my arms around that little girl in that exact moment, I also wanted to high-five her momma for teaching her 6 year old daughter the most important traits to look for in a man… or in a first grade boyfriend.

Considerate and kind. Well done, Momma. Well done.