IMG_8761I sat through one of the ugliest basketball games ever a few nights ago. I’m not great with details, so I’ll just say this: the Bobcats were playing some other team, we were ahead by a lot, and then we weren’t. That in itself could make it an ugly game, but add in a bench-clearing brawl and my husband’s technical foul and, well… even Jordan (Daddy’s biggest fan) wanted to cover her eyes.

But she didn’t. Instead, during the 15 minutes that the refs were reviewing the tape trying to figure out whose tempers had ignited the situation, Jordan started the wave.

Actually, the real credit belongs to Emily, another coach’s wife, but leave it to a kid to run with an idea until it takes flight.

First it was a few people in our immediate group of seats… then a few more in our section… then two people two sections over joined in… then a row of college students… then the entire Marching 110 band… and suddenly… thousands of people at the Convo Center were ignoring the tape-watching refs and turning their attention to the more entertaining movement of the wave.

Just like that game, life has ugly moments. Moments that make you want to cover your eyes, or walk out of the gym completely. Please don’t. It only takes one person to start the wave, to turn our attention to what’s good and fun and worthwhile and remind us not to take life too seriously. I guarantee the people who joined in the wave were having a much better time than those who sat angry and rigid, grumbling about the game. The same is true with life. Maybe you’ll be the one to start the wave, or maybe you’re the one that keeps it moving. Either way, life’s way more fun when you take time to play.