Did you know that college basketball players can’t fit into regular people’s shoelaces? Not shoes. Shoelaces.

I’m not sure how I missed this detail. Considering most of my husband’s players wear a size 16 shoe, it would make sense that the laces to tie those high-tops would need to be extra long. I just didn’t know they needed to be that long.

I came across this new piece of information while ordering pink laces for Saul’s “Coaches vs. Cancer” game. Thank you, by the way, for all of the help locating the laces. One friend sent me an Amazon direct link while another friend from Wisconsin went so far as to search the inventory of Target stores in Ohio for me. Now that is love!

I ended up ordering 24 pairs of pink laces– enough to outfit the whole team.

I was beyond excited when the Amazon box showed up on my doorstep Friday morning, with plenty of time to lace everyone up by tip-off that night. But once the laces were in Saul’s shoes, we realized there was no possible way they were going to fit our guys. Saul took them into work anyway, and distributed them to the staff and managers. Don’t they look awesome? FullSizeRender 11

I have to tell you, the win Friday night on national television was amazing, but the highlight of the night for me came when all the assistant coaches took the floor. Every single one of them was wearing a pink tie– to match their pink laces.

My friend, Teresa, came sporting her own pink shoelaced sneakers. The golf coach’s wife wore a pink outfit. And my sweet Jordan made a sign for the game. IMG_5075

Sometimes, breast cancer feels far away. Like it was another person in another lifetime. But sometimes it still feels very close and very real and very scary. When those times hit, it’s the little things that have the biggest impact on my heart and continue to remind me that none of us ever walks anything alone.

And if you happen to find extra extra extra long pink laces, would you let me know? I’d like to stock up for next year.