Have you ever had a super great idea and then a bit later you stop and think… Wait, what was I going to do again?

Check this out:


I had this awesome idea to make wooden business cards. I actually stole the idea from the tattoo artist in Ohio who inked my nipple after my breast cancer reconstruction– too much information???

Anywho, I thought they would be a cool tactile reminder to add more light to the world with kindness.

Sure, maybe I hand them out and they end up in the bottom of a purse. But every time that woman goes digging for lipgloss and instead feels the wooden kindness nickel, my hope is that she will either 1) remember a time someone was kind to her or 2) be prompted to go be kind.

So that was the plan.

I asked Red Tail Design in Athens to make me 200 coins. Here they are. Totally beautiful. Made in blue because I love blue.

Tim Martin and the guys at Red Tail Design are the best. Honestly. Every time I need a tweak to my website, Tim takes care of it. Bookstand for my Kindness is Contagious book? Tim has a brilliant idea. He is soooo kind to me.

Here’s the problem. How do I get rid of these awesome coins?

I can’t really give them away at my speaking events because I wouldn’t have enough for everyone. I can’t really randomly mail them out to people for fun because sending 200 of these puppies in the mail will cost me a fortune in extra postage.

I’m at a loss and I need my tribe. What do you think? What would be a fun way to hand these out to people without looking like the crazy lady at the grocery store begging people to take her business card?

Do you have any fun ideas? I’d sure love to hear them.