Saul and I met with the plastic surgeon at THE JAMES today. Let me tell you, as professional as that male doctor was, it was still incredibly uncomfortable to be sitting in a room with my husband while another man took very precise measurements of my breasts. Saul and I couldn’t look each other in the eyes because we knew we’d start giggling.

Okay, too much information, I know. I just had to get that off my chest. Pun intended.

The consultation went well and we’ve decided to go with a saline expander and then an implant instead of reconstructing using my own tummy tissue. By the way, it feels like a pretty big compliment when the doctor tells you that if he uses your excess tummy fat you will have really tiny breasts. Just thought I’d add that in…

I’ve opted to begin reconstruction immediately (as in during the same surgery as the mastectomy), but that said, it could still take A YEAR or more until this process is complete.

It looks like the surgical oncologist and plastic surgeon both have pretty full dance cards, and since they have to be at my surgery together, we have to be patient while they synchronize their calendars.

I’m heading off to spend four solid days loving up on my daughter as we take a tiny girls’ trip. If you see me updating my blog, will you please yell at me? I’m going to disconnect so I can reconnect with a little girl who needs her (healthy) momma.