A word to the wise: never lie to a pole dancer. After years of dealing with drunks in nightclubs, they have a B.S. in B.S. And yet, I did it. I broke my own cardinal rule and flat out lied to my Pole Fit instructor.

To set the stage, if you will, I signed up for the pole class in a moment of great bravado at the Brown County Fair. I was awfully cocky as I slapped down my $60 bootcamp registration and declared, “I’m in!”

Day One of the two day bootcamp came and I was hiding in my bed. I’m not strong. I haven’t exercised in 6 months. I want to stay home and eat Cap’n Crunch cereal. My dog needs me.

I truly thought I was on the verge of a panic attack when I finally decided to at least drive over to the studio and see what it was about.

I gave it my all. I have bruises along my right leg to prove it. Apparently my right side is “pole dominant.”

When the 3 hour class was over, I looked straight into the instructor’s eyes and said, “I can’t come tomorrow. My family is going to Fargo.”

She looked back into my eyes and said, “You’re lying.”

Holy smokes… this gal is good. I stammered a bit and finally fessed up that I’m just not up to two days in a row of pain.

“Okay,” she said, “you can come back September 28th for the next session.”

I’m hoping my large black and blue marks have subsided by then. And I’m hoping one of you is brave and kind enough to agree to come with me.

Here’s the thing… why did I lie? Why couldn’t I just ask for what I needed? Do you ever do that? I knew my body needed a break and yet I couldn’t say it.

I really, really, really wanted to test drive a used car while we were in Fargo and yet, I couldn’t bring myself to ask my husband if we could stop at the dealership.

I really want someone to teach me how to plan meals and make food my kids will actually eat and yet I refuse to ask my friends who love to cook.

We do it with God, too. I refuse to tell Him leaving Ohio has been hard, because I feel like I should be grateful my husband has a new job.

I refuse to tell Him I’m tired and I need His Divine Energy to do more than I could on my own, because I’m too timid to ask for or imagine something so grand.

Do you ever find yourself in this place of needing or wanting? Do you stuff down what you really want to say and instead lie or say nothing?

I’m encouraging you today, and me too, to be a little braver than you feel. If you can’t tell your spouse or your pole instructor what you need, then start with God. He loves you and He sees you and He knows what you’re thinking before you even say it. So go ahead and say it.