So, I’m not very good at taking pictures, or sharing pictures, or really anything artistic, but I’m trying to get better and wanted to share this one with you.


On the left hand side of this photo, you can see the Convo Center in Athens, Ohio, where my husband coaches Bobcat Basketball. The team is in Canada for a tournament (they’ve won 2 with 1 more game left to play).

Do you want to know what I love most about this picture? The fact that it was taken by my favorite person in Athens. Kelsey McKinley is a teacher who dedicated her summer to improving my sanity by watching my children. I was crying (literally), and in desperate need of some alone time to write and process my feelings about moving. That’s when Kelsey showed up at my door… my angel. Kelsey’s husband (D-Mac, a fun name for a white guy) used to play for the Bobcats and is now a graduate assistant on Saul’s staff. Thanks for helping me pull myself together, Kelsey, and for taking this photo so I could share a little of my new home with my old home.