Today’s a big day in the Phillips’ household. It’s the first day of school! Ben won’t start full-day kindergarten until next Tuesday, but this year all three of my kids are in elementary school!

It’s also my anniversary! It’s Saul’s anniversary, too. Happy 15th, Sweetie!

And it’s P-Day. Today is the day we get the final pathology report which will tell us exactly what sort of cancer we are dealing with and hopefully provide a recommendation on how to treat it.

It’s a big day and we have lots of reasons to be grateful!

I suppose I’m a little edgy and excited and nervous. It feels kind of like it’s my first day of school, too. I’m going to meet my teachers (although they prefer to be called doctors). I’m going to find out what the homework load will be for the year (a daily pill or some sort of chemo?). And I’m probably going to get a list of school supplies I’ll need to be extra successful (and which will help ward off side effects of the medications).

The difference between today and my “real” first days of school is that I already know who I’m going to sit with at lunch. That was always a BIG stressor for me in middle and high school. Saul will be right by my side. He’s going to take me to lunch at my favorite diner and to an amazing gluten-free bakery for dessert. What could be better than to be in class all day with your best friend?

For those of you interested in my specific class list, here it is:

11:15am Check-up with the Plastic Surgeon

1pm Meeting with Medical Oncologist

2:30pm Post-Op Check with the Surgical Oncologist
I’ll report back when I’ve digested the information and have something to share… thanks for your prayers.