I’m in need of a little Fargo love and I’m wondering if you can help.

I’ve been invited to speak at a women’s event at a church in Fargo. Can we all thank God at this very moment that the event is being held in April instead of the dead of winter? My North Dakota blood has thinned quite a bit since moving to Southern Ohio.

I’ve just finished working on a new presentation about kindness. Actually, I’ve finished working on two presentations: one for the Christian crowd and one for the secular audience.

The message for Christians focuses on the exciting news that God literally created us for kindness. When we step into our true calling, we begin to reap the benefits and see massive transformation in our lives.

The secular message uses lots of fun and touching stories from my Kindness is Contagious column to back up the scientific research that points to the healing power of kindness in our lives. Our bodies produce the awesome feel-good chemicals we need when we fill it with kindness.

I’m crazy excited to come back to Fargo, but a few things have to fall in place in order for that to happen. Mainly, I need to book a few more speaking events. The church would very much like to share the cost of my flight with another organization or business. Since I need to either pay for travel expenses for my three kids or a week’s worth of babysitters, a little more work would come in handy for me personally, too!

If you know of a business, church or non-profit that may be interested in a message of kindness between the potential dates of April 17-April 28, would you please share my information? I’d love to talk with them about my speaking fee and how I may be able to incorporate their values into a message specifically tailored for their group. They can contact me at info@nicolejphillips.com.

Now, for those of you who actually read through this entire sales pitch hoping to eventually get a little Monday Motivation, let me leave you with this sweet tidbit: People who are consistently kind age two time slower than the average population! Skip the botox and meet a hurting friend for a latte. Your listening ears will pave the way to a more beautiful you!