I’m having some trust issues lately. Ever been there?

It’s not my husband or my kids or my friends. It’s bigger than that. I’m having a hard time trusting God.

I’m not telling you anything I haven’t told Him. Believe me, I’ve told Him. It’s a good thing He’s patient and abounding in love. I’d have kicked me to the curb by now.

I’m like a heckler at a standup comedy show. “Yeah, God, I know you’ve done this, this and this, but can you really handle THIS?”

What’s your THIS? What’s the thing you think God might need your input on – or the situation that feels too big for even the Big Guy?

We’ve got a lot of big situations in the world, and I’m guessing a lot of us have big situations in our little piece of the world, too.

My favorite pastime is to help God figure out what to do with all those situations. I am constantly offering Him my unsolicited advice. “God, I’ve got it all figured out. You just need to make X happen and then Y will naturally fall into place and then we get Z! Easy peasy.”

To date, God has always come up with a better plan than me.

That’s the thing, I have trouble trusting God’s plan, because I so badly want to see my plan set into action. I want what I want when I want it. I don’t want to wait for the right timing or look for the protection in the rejection.

There is a remedy for that. It’s tough, but when I force myself into this posture, I have peace. Wanna try it? Okay, here you go.

Look over your shoulder.

That’s it. Look over your shoulder. When we look at what’s behind us, where we’ve been in our lives, we can clearly see God’s plan unfolding in the most miraculous ways.

When we see that unfolding, trust becomes a whole lot easier.

We can trust what He has done in the past, because we can see it in our rearview mirror. That helps us trust God in the situation we’re in or the one that’s coming.

God is faithful, my friend. He hasn’t left you. If you’re worried He has, look behind you.