Have you ever had a MONDAY that lasted all day?

I had one a few weeks ago and it wasn’t pretty.

I woke up crabby. I took my son to school crabby. I went to Pickleball crabby. Then the crabby turned to sad. I ate cookies sad. I read a book sad. I took a nap sad.

Eventually, I wandered into my office and picked up a large envelope my husband had brought home from work a few days before.

By this time Saul and the kids were home, so I started reading the letters out loud.

The first one was from the teacher:

“Dear Nicole, […] In my classroom we read a kindness story from your books every day. I am trying to teach kindness to my students, and how to use kindness. So, thank you for lighting that path for me. Hopefully your message will inspire 25 ten-year-olds every year!

When I told my class I was going to an NSU basketball practice and that your husband is the coach, they insisted they write you letters!”

That letter was followed by a stack of the most precious words I have ever read.

“I love your book because it makes me want to do more acts of kindness for others or even myself.”

“My favorite story is about the boy who scratched someone but then bought candy for him.”

“Your book helps me when I’m sad.”

“I love the story about the man who paid for that nice lady’s car bill.”

“Your book makes me feel happy, grateful and kindful.”

Ben (my sixth grader) was perched on the couch next to me, intrigued that kids in another school actually read something his mother wrote – and liked it.

I looked at Saul and said, “You know I have to go to Huron, right?” Then at 4:45pm, I picked up the phone and called the principal of Washington Elementary School. She is a rockstar and agreed to let me visit the classroom the very next day, without letting the teacher, Mr. Westby, or his students in on the secret.

I still get all warm and happy inside when I think about the reaction I got from those kids. I explained how their kindness had turned around a bad day for me and how I wanted to thank them in person.

I got to personally meet every one of those beautiful students. They made my day.

I’m telling you this in hopes that it makes your day too.

If you ever wonder if the world’s going to be okay, rest assured, there is a classroom full of fifth graders who are going to be a powerhouse of kindness.