Have you ever opened your eyes on a Monday morning and thought, “Nah, I’m just gonna skip today.”? There’s nothing wrong with today, it just feels like it might take a lot of effort. Maybe I’ll have more energy to do Monday on Tuesday this week.

Like this blog. It’s 7am and I really have nothing to say. But I am owning the title of Writer, therefore I will write. {It just occurred to me that every writing instructor/editor EVER would ban me from saying I have nothing to say. Good thing I don’t have those people to worry about.}

And exercising. That’s next on my list. I have zero desire to work up a sweat today. Zero. Maybe even -2. Yet, I know it’s what my body needs to stay healthy and strong. So I will go and I will move. Even if I more resemble a sloth than a human being.

It’s not that I’m not grateful for this day. It’s just that, well, maybe if I had a friend to do the whole day with me, it would seem like more of an adventure than a vocation.

Wait. That gives me an idea…

Is there something on your To-Do list that you’re not terrifically interested in doing? I bet there is. That’s just the way life works. Today, let’s hold hands from afar and remind each other that we’ve totally got this. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and I will too. Before you know it, we’ll be done! See? This blog just basically wrote itself! Let’s hit the gym people!