It’s amazing how quickly things return to normal. I have a long to-do list today which includes enthralling activities such as: scheduling dental appointments, calling the insurance company, welcoming the dishwasher repairman, and waiting for new flooring to be delivered.

Sometimes I want to yell, “HEY! Doesn’t anybody around here remember how incredibly BRAVE I was this summer?” Actually, sometimes I do yell that and then my husband will yell back from the other room, “YEP! You were awfully brave!”

Saul and I never really felt the elation of being cancer-free. By the time we realized we really were in the clear, exhaustion set in. And now as we slowly get our feet back under us, daily life is ready to keep us running.

I hope I always remember the lessons from my summer with breast cancer. I hope I always look at the 8 inch scar on my chest and remember that regardless of what others tell me, or forget to tell me, I am brave.

And that acts of kindness make the pain go away– especially if you can be the one doing the kindness.

And I am loved by a God who never once left my side.

That’s it. I’m brave. I’m kind. I’m loved.

Saying those three things makes me feel like I can tackle anything. Try it. Say them to yourself– they apply to you, too.
And they really do remind you that you can accomplish anything. Even a Monday morning to-do list.