My family stared at me, waiting for the tears they knew would soon be appearing as I watched the commercial showing Lauren Woolstencroft beating the one billion to one odds to win eight Paralympic gold medals.

Two seconds later, we were all laughing our heads off at the robots laughing at their scientist. When the little guy said, “You gotta dumb face” my seven year old nearly rolled off the couch.

That same kid had to explain the meaning behind the Ram/Vikings commercial to his momma.

We all decided Wendy’s “fresh never frozen” ad required too much reading, Tide stole the show, and we all want to go visit Australia.

You guys, I needed that. I needed a night to sit on my couch with my family and just giggle, cry, discuss and smart off.

It’s basketball season. My husband puts the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge. He gives every ounce of his brain capacity to the team. It’s been this way for 18 years.

I honestly don’t mind a bit. In fact, I really love that he has an intense passion for his job. I wish everyone felt that way.

But in the midst of the stress and the laser focus, when we get a night to sit around and release our cares as a family, it’s pure magic. Eventually, we all tromped off to bed and my husband went back to working on stuff for his team, but there were a few golden hours in there.

I hope you had that. I hope your family has the jingle to “Avocados from Mexico” stuck in your heads for the next three days. I hope during Justin Timberlake’s half-time show, some member of your family said, “I still prefer his work in Trolls” and then began softly singing, “You with the saaaad eyes, don’t be discouraged…”

There is a lot of drama in this world. I hope sometimes you’re able to leave your worries at the door and snuggle in close with the ones who love you. And when those moments arise, I hope we all remember to count them as precious.