I am going to need an intervention people. My motivation to take care of myself is dwindling. I still shower and get dressed before 2 in the afternoon, but I’m quickly developing a whole host of other bad habits.

For example, BD (before diagnosis), I was at the gym at 9am every day like clockwork. It could be the laziness of summer and the amount of time we’ve been out of town, but now at 9am, I’m much more likely to be watching SpongeBob on the couch with my kids than lacing up my sneakers.

And then there’s the ice cream… did you know Graeter’s ice cream is actually made in Ohio? It would be unpatriotic NOT to eat it every night after dinner, right? For my friends and family out of state, let me just say that Graeter’s is to Ohio what Ben & Jerry’s is to Vermont. Although I’m happy to switch allegiance and eat the Ben & Jerry’s if that’s all that’s in the house…

Alas, I digress. My point is this: My heart is telling me that I am going to be fine and this cancer thing is going to be something I live through and grow through. But my mind is telling me that if this is the end, I sure don’t want to be caught clocking in at the gym and eating broccoli.

If anyone else has had cancer (or any other major life issue) and can tell me if this is normal behavior, I’d sure love to hear from you. If not, plan on swinging by my house about 7pm for the intervention. I’ll save you a spoon.