“Mom, please don’t cheer for the Vikings.”

My seven-year-old son, Ben, was very matter of fact about his request.

In case you missed it, last night the Vikings won in an amazing last second play against the Saints.

Next week, the Vikings will play the Eagles.

Little Ben is a big Carson Wentz fan. Carson plays for the Eagles.

When the Vikings play the Eagles, Ben wants me on his side.

Never in a million gazillion years would I ever imagine having someone, anyone, say to me, “Please don’t cheer for the Vikings.”

  1. I’m from Wisconsin. On my birth certificate, it says I have two choices: 1) Cheer for the Packers or 2) Don’t cheer at all.
  2. I couldn’t care less about football. I’m married to a basketball coach. The emotional toll it takes to support a team through an entire season is heavy, therefore I only have room in my heart for one sport.

I’d blame my newfound appreciation for the Vikings on the 10 years I lived in North Dakota (which is filled with Vikings fans) but again, see Point #2 above. I didn’t care then, so why do I care now?

I care because I am in love with an amazing couple named Ann and Tom. They are in their 80s and they are dear friends of Adam Thielen’s parents. Adam plays for the Vikings.

Ann and Tom have had a front row seat for Adam’s entire football career, from his $500 scholarship to Minnesota State to hanging out on the Vikings’ practice squad to his breakout season and rise to stardom.

There’s a part of me that believes the Vikings won last night because Ann was sitting in her comfy chair in front of the TV praying her sweet heart out. I wouldn’t put it past God to say, “Oh okay, Ann. You can have this one.”

Ann and Tom pray that way for me too, that people would hear my message of kindness and it would somehow change their hearts thereby changing our world.

We all need someone in our corner, covering us in words of encouragement, protection and love. Believing bigger for us than we can ever believe for ourselves.

Ann and Tom are my personal cheerleaders.

If you have them, you know exactly how I’m feeling right now.

So, sorry Ben. I adore your admiration for Carson Wentz and his Eagles, but this cheesehead has gotta cheer for the Vikings.