There was a tidal wave building up inside of me and I was powerless to hold it in. As much as I hate to cry in public, I couldn’t stop the tears. I’ll blame it on that blond lady with the voice like an angel who started singing “Amazing Grace” at the end of the church service. Yep, I’m pretty sure it was her fault.

There I was, hanging out with God and about 200 other people, when all of a sudden this huge wave of emotion drenches my insides. The gratitude started leaking from my eyes as I thought, “I am here. God saved me. I AM STILL HERE!”

I’m so busy living my life that I hardly ever take the time to stop and think about the face that I still have a life. It’s like a near-miss. You think “Whoa, that could have been bad!” but then carry on with that you’re doing. Only this wasn’t a glass that almost broke or a nail I almost stepped on. This is my life.

I wonder how I would live, how we would all live, if we could keep that “Whoa” perspective. Not in fear, but in acknowledgement that today really is a gift, and you and I get to open it.

What will you do with your gift today? Will you throw it under the bed to collect dust? Will you look at it and think, “This is a dumb gift. Who would want this?” Or will you hold it up high in both hands for everyone to see and dance around in a little circle?

As for me, I’m dancing. I hope you are, too.