When I decided to take a sabbatical at the beginning of the summer, I knew I’d be back, but I had no idea when. Or how.

How could I possibly pour into others about the goodness of God and people when my faith in both were on shaky ground?

Let me back up and get really honest.

Last January, about the time I started writing a new book, depression set in. I can usually see the storm coming, but this time I walked straight into a black cloud and couldn’t find my way out.

The skies began parting just a little in May when I finally agreed to try new medication, take a sabbatical and get specialized help for the sexual trauma that has been haunting me since I was ten.

I immediately felt lost. What was I supposed to do with my hands now that I had shut off all my social media?

In June, I felt found. I flew to Nashville, then took a bus to a place called Onsite where I experienced immense healing.

In July, I felt frenzy. I pitched at least 150 ideas to God about what I could do when I got back to work. One idea involved me working part time from Orlando… so they weren’t all winners.

Every time I pitched an idea, I heard God say, “The sabbatical isn’t over yet.” Clearly He was still working behind the scenes and wasn’t swayed by my impatience.

Then one day in August, when I was settled quietly in a chair in my room, it came to me. I knew in that moment God was asking me to pivot.

After ten years of working primarily with kindness in businesses and in personal transformation, God is calling me to the church.

The body of believers (that’s what we faith-based people call ourselves) is frustrated. We are taking it out on each other. We are taking it out on church leaders. We are taking it out on our colleagues who are left asking: Why would I want to figure out who Jesus is if the people who follow him have no more peace or joy than I do?

There is a critical spirit rearing its ugly head and it’s making people run. So, with God’s help I’m going to try and do something about it.

This leaves me with an invitation for you. If you’ve been reading my stuff for a while and don’t care to know God any better than you do, will you still come along for the ride? When it comes to Kindness, all are welcome.

And if you are interested in this new fire God has lit in my soul, would you ask your church to reach out for my speaking packet and a free five-day devotional based on The Negativity Remedy? I’m excited to bring encouragement and empowerment to the Kindness Warriors in congregations across the country.

I have a lot more to unpack about this new ministry, what God has taught me during my time of rest and my appearance on a new game show with Jay Leno. (You all know I’m a game show junkie, right?)

So stick around and let’s wait expectantly for those miracles that are still showing up when we least expect them.