I want to say something brilliant right now, something that will make your day ah-mazing, but my mind is stuck in a rut and only you can get me out.

Two of my three kids are in such vigorous extracurricular activities after school (football and cross country) that they need to eat real food (protein, veggies, healthy carbs) the moment they walk in the door.

In the past, my go-to line has always been, “I think there’s ham in the fridge.” I gotta admit, from the part of my mom soul that doesn’t like to admit it, I’ve got to change. The kids need me. And that’s why I need you.

While the family watched football this weekend, I sat on the couch with my computer. I googled “healthy eating for families,” “meal plans for people who don’t cook,” and “meals for lazy people.”

I ended where I started. Confused, disheartened and overwhelmed.

Here’s where you come in. I’m hoping you will share your one EASY go-to meal that will fill up my babies’ bellies and allow me to feel like I’m succeeding at adulting. Please keep in mind, my cooking IQ is very low, so if you’re going to tell me to braise something or marinate it, you better tell me what braise means and whether ketchup counts as a marinade.

Thanks friends! I hope your week is filled with kindness. Go smile at someone.