Someone challenged me recently to put 5 pictures on Facebook in which I feel beautiful. Yikes… it’s not that I have a poor outlook of myself or really low self-esteem, it’s just that most of the time I’m the one taking the picture. Besides, it’s a very uncomfortable feeling to say, “Here, look at this picture! Don’t I look hot?”

So I thought perhaps I needed to think of this a little less superficially. When do I truly FEEL beautiful? When I’m dancing with my husband in the kitchen. When I do something stupid that makes my kids laugh. When I take the time to really BE IN THE MOMENT with my family and choose to let the laundry wait.

When I looked at my photos in that light, I found LOTS of beautiful pictures of myself. It was hard to only choose 5…

  1. I am beautiful when I let my best friend talk me into hanging from a piece of rope. IMG_1583
  2. I am beautiful when I fearlessly touch worms.Image 4
  3. I am beautiful when I convince my husband that Halloween is a FAMILY event.Image 1
  4. I am beautiful when I talk about kindness.IMG_1596
  5. I am beautiful when I face my fears of snakes and spiders to explore our tremendously rugged backyard.Image 2

I challenge all of you to share what makes you beautiful today. And if you’re feeling especially brave, I’d love to see a picture! Join the conversation at