Sometimes my head spins. How about yours?

It’s not yet 9am and already I’ve worried whether my child has strep, how many mice might be living in my house, if I’m doing enough to support my friends, and how long my parents will live.

My head seems to be extra spinny these days. (And yes, according to auto-correct, I just made up the word “spinny.”) I’m not sure why my brain is so chaotic. I could blame it on the holidays, but in reality, I think I’m just a little off balance.

Just in case you’re feeling the same way, I thought I’d share something with you.

I’ve been spending a little extra time in my thinking chair lately. It’s the chair in my office where I write my columns and prepare my speaking messages and answer my emails.

But the most important thing I do in that chair is talk to God.

Yesterday I finally had a heart to heart with God about all the nonsense running through my brain. I basically pulled the brakes on the train and said Stop, let’s find out what God thinks about all this stuff.

Then I wrote down three questions that you might want to ask God yourself.

  1. God, how do you see my attitude and my situation?
  2. God, what would you have me do right now?
  3. God, what do you want to tell me?

Writing down these questions and taking time to sit still and allow God to breathe answers into your heart is magical — or maybe miraculous is a better word. If you want to know if God is near, ask Him.

I’m pretty sure God doesn’t want us to whip ourselves into a fretful mess, with our thoughts and emotions blowing whichever way the wind takes us.

I can see the last of the Fall leaves out my window right now. Each time a gust of wind comes, they take off through the air. Then another current comes and blows them the opposite direction.

As for me, I’d rather be the tree. It’s bare and vulnerable and looks nearly dead, but its roots go deep, and regardless of what comes against it, it continues to reach toward Heaven.