Everyday I try to write down something for which I am grateful. I have to admit that most of the time, I’m pretty materialistic. I sit there thinking for about 5 minutes, then end up jotting down something about a warm house, money to buy groceries and a bed to sleep in.
Healthy kids and a faithful husband have also made the list, but I feel like that’s sort of cheating, because OF COURSE I should be grateful for those things.

Today however, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for something I had never thought of before. I am grateful that my kids (10 & 8) aren’t embarrassed by me yet. How do I know? Yesterday, while waiting in the Pick Up Your Kids Here Car Lane I got bored. So, I used all of the rubber bands in the minivan to create a unicorn horn. On myself.


When the kids hopped in, I was decked out and awfully pleased with my own sense of humor. They giggled and said, “What’s with the new look?” as their teachers and friends looked on curiously and cautiously. Then this morning, as kids started piling off the bus in front of the school, I began singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the top of my lungs to one of the kids exiting the bus. He (a newly 9 year old) took off running, while my kids again stood there and laughed.
I know, I KNOW they won’t always find me humorous. I know that day is coming. But it’s not today. And I thank God for that.