We meet with the plastic surgeon tomorrow. I’ve decided to go ahead with the single mastectomy instead of the lumpectomy. Doing the lumpectomy would have meant radiation, and if the surgeon couldn’t get enough clear tissue around the tumors, she would have had to go back at a later date and do the mastectomy anyway. If I want to gamble, I will go to Vegas. I just want this thing over and done with.

Saul and I are meeting for a consultation with the plastic surgeon at THE JAMES tomorrow. This is the man who will be in the room during the mastectomy to begin the reconstruction process. We have to meet him ahead of time so we’re all on the same page. Until yesterday, I had no idea what my reconstruction options are or what a reconstructed breast even looks like. Please, if you’re reading this, DON’T SEND ME PICTURES.

I googled “Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction” last night and believe me, I have seen enough. Ugh… those brave women who agreed to do before and after photos so that other women like me could see what’s ahead of us. God bless them. Seriously, God, would you give them an extra measure of blessings today? They were feeling everything I am feeling AND STILL AGREED TO A PHOTO SHOOT? Now that’s kindness.

Anyway, googling boob jobs wasn’t all that fun. By the time my husband walked into the room I was googling 4 seater convertibles. I think I’d rather have one of those.