If a Broadway show doesn’t have a performance, it’s said to be “dark.” Mondays are usually dark in order to give the actors a chance to recuperate — or perhaps go grocery shopping and pick up their dry cleaning, I’m not quite sure.

My blog posts and tweets are more of a horse-and-pony show than a Broadway musical, but I, too, have decided to go dark.

It’s difficult to explain, but I think need an attitude adjustment.

After this weekend and all of the troubles in Paris, my eyes started drifting to the negative. On Facebook, for example, I changed my profile picture to the French flag and then read three different posts from women who were extremely upset that people were leaving the terrorist victims in other countries disrespected and unsupported.

Why are we fighting about profile pictures? Aren’t we all hurting enough? Isn’t now the time for love and encouragement and kindness?

I’m running low on kindness lately. It’s not just Paris or Facebook… I see it in other areas of my life. I’m a little hesitant on offering to help. I’m a little slow on preferring others over myself.

When the state of your heart is in need of mending, you go to the Doctor. I started to pray, God, cleanse my heart. Show me what I’m doing wrong and help me to love your people, ALL of your people, the way you love them.

The Doctor told me to spend some time with his Son. I could see the problem instantly. I need to turn off the world’s spotlight. I need to go old-school and allow Jesus to walk along beside me, with his arm draped over my shoulder, pointing out all of the beautiful things in life that I’m missing. Your kids are giggling in the other room, Nic, do you hear them? Look at the smile on that woman’s face. She’s glowing.

The world is a stage and it’s trying to show me what’s important and scary and popular by shining a big obnoxious spotlight on it. But Jesus and I are like two kids out at night on a scavenger hunt with a flashlight. I’m bound to find some pretty amazing things and I can’t wait to share them with you.

So please excuse me from all writing and responding responsibilities for the next week or so. I’m hoping that by going dark, I’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the Light.