There is a wedding dress out there that’s missing its bride. Could it be you or someone you know?

This brand-new wedding gown recently came into a thrift store in Benton, Wis. Special to The ForumI got a letter from Gail Richardson, who is keeping the gown until the perfect bride steps forward.

“I manage our church thrift shop, and a while ago, a brand-new wedding gown came in. The tags on it say David’s Bridal and it was priced at $699. I have tried several online sites through our volunteers, but have not had any luck getting it into the hands of a bride. It is a size 10 (which in wedding gown sizing means it would fit a size 6 or 8 woman). It’s strapless, with a long train and beautiful lace and beading.

“Would there be any way you could help me? The shop is in Benton, Wis., but I am willing to give it away if the bride would pay for shipping. If she wanted to make a donation to the thrift store, that would be OK, too.

A view of the intricate details of this wedding gown that a thrift shop manager hopes to give away. Special to The Forum

“The dress is so pretty. I know there must be a bride out there somewhere who would love it for her special day.”

Of course you want to see photos, so I’m reserving most of the space I usually use for words for pictures instead. I think you can see how beautiful the dress is and how beautiful Gail’s heart is for hoping to share it with a bride-to-be.

If you’re interested in learning more about this dress, please call 608-482-4459.

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