I am drain free! Yippee!! I still can’t lift more than 5 pounds or raise my arms above my shoulders, but I am drain free and I count that as a WIN! By tomorrow morning, I’ll even be able to shower by myself. Check me out, I have a new lease on life!

Why is she so ecstatic you may wonder? I kind of wonder that myself. I didn’t realize how much it bothered me to have plastic tubing hanging out my side, or how much I worried about how painful it would be when they took it out. Let me show you a picture: IMG_3656

This is Saul blow drying my hair, because I went to a salon to have it washed last week and then suddenly got too nauseas and light-headed to sit there and have them style it. I dropped straight into bed with a wet-head, which he graciously offered to dry for me. It appears as if we are laughing, but let me assure you, we were both very much on the verge of tears.

Saul also had to use my little electric razor to shave my armpits for me the other morning. Don’t worry. I won’t show you a picture of that.

So why am I ecstatic? I guess because each day and each mini-milestone brings a bit more healing, a bit more “normal” back into our lives. I mean, really, no man wants to shave his wife’s pits. That is nasty.

Saul just peeked into my office as I’m writing this and said, “Just think, Baby! At this time tomorrow morning, you’ll be showering!” Yep. The mini-milestones are a big deal. I’m kind of glad cancer reminded me of that.