Remember when you first started using Facebook and the kids went unwashed and unfed for 3 days because you couldn’t pull yourself away from trolling other people’s status updates?

Please tell me I wasn’t alone…

It’s happening again. Only this time, instead of feeling like an anonymous stalker, I’m being drawn to this fun, open, “everyone’s invited” conversation.

I’ve started posting videos to my public Facebook page ( and encouraging others (aka: you) to comment with your thoughts on the word.

The first one I did was on gratitude. I’m grateful joy and pain exist simultaneously. What are you grateful for?

The second one was on love. What happens when we love something so much we invest our best selves in it? What do you love?

The third one will be on joy. Look for this one next week — probably on Thursday, but you can go back and find it on my FB page anytime.

I was blown over by what people had to say about what they are grateful for and what they love. I was so inspired to expand my view on these two simple words.

I hope you have time to pop on over to Facebook and watch the videos and leave a comment. Our tribe needs everyone’s voice to be heard. We have so much to learn from each other.