Either my doctor is a drama queen &/or alarmist, or there is a VERY good chance that I have breast cancer. When the radiologist wrote the words “Consistent with cancer” in his report, Dr. Peggy leaped into action.

We saw her at the ballfields yesterday. Our kids play on the same team. This was the first chance Saul was getting to talk to her face-to-face and hear her say the same things I had heard her say. She brought along the reports so we could read them. She told us she was worried. Again, either she is an alarmist or I have cancer. This is one of those small problems of not having lived in this town very long. I have no idea of her track record. She came very highly recommended and she doesn’t seem like a drama queen, but who knows? I don’t know her personality well enough to know.

My sweet husband told Dr. Peggy that 12 days is far too long to wait to see if I indeed have a cancerous tumor growing in my body. I agreed with him and was secretly proud that he would go to bat for his wife. Then he started talking about going to Mayo or Cleveland or anywhere else in the country that we could get to for some faster results. The tiny rolodex in his head was making all the connections of who he knew in high hospital places that he could call to get me moved up on the list. I disagreed with this tactic, but again, I was secretly proud that my husband intended to be proactive and not just pretend it wasn’t happening.

On a side note: every night when he gives me a kiss goodnight, he says, “It’s not cancer. You know that, right?”

Anywho, Dr. Peggy assured us that we were heading to a top-notch breast cancer center in Columbus and she would work hard to pull some strings of her own to get the ball rolling a bit faster.

And now we come to the Thanksgiving. If, and that’s a big IF, I have breast cancer, I want people to pray for me with thanksgiving. I want them to pray like I do right now: God, I know that if you are allowing this to touch my life, it is because you have a plan and a purpose that is far bigger than I can comprehend right now. I thank you for your promise that you work ALL THINGS together for the GOOD of those who LOVE YOU and are called according to YOUR PURPOSE. Let nothing come between us. Amen.

I love God. I know I am called to live a life for His purpose, so therefore, I thank Him that He has chosen me to do something special for Him. Even if it’s a “something special” that hurts. Sometimes those are the best kind. It hurts for a little while and then at some point you look back and you get to see just how spectacular His plan really was… and is.

So God, I thank you for alarmist doctors and lumpy breasts. Or this cancer. Or whatever this is. I just want to say I love you, I trust you and I am thankful you are in charge of my life.