So… the husband and I went to meet with the Gifted & Talented teacher at Jordan’s school this morning. All three kids (10,8 & 4) were in the room with us. I was having an incredible “Proud Mom” moment– the children were quietly reading, looking like complete angels as the teacher was telling me how bright my sweet daughter is. What could be better? The meeting ended and as we all stood to say goodbye, my 4 year old son looks directly in the Gifted teacher’s eyes and says, “Whoever smelt it dealt, and I smelt it.” The teacher nodded politely, Saul busted out in laughter and I bolted from the room so I wouldn’t pee my pants in public. Can I just tell you I think God is hysterical? Just when I’m about to get all proud and mighty about my parenting skills, He throws in Kid #3 to remind me, the only way I’ve gotten this far is through His Grace and His Grace alone!