My mornings have taken on a predictable and comforting cadence since the start of COVID19.

Every morning I shuffle out to the living room couch that sits in front of a big picture window. I love having my coffee and talking with God and looking at the changes Mother Nature continues to unveil each day. It’s amazing to watch a tree go from looking completely dead to an explosion of greenery over the course of a few weeks.

The best part of my morning though isn’t watching the trees. It’s watching my dog.

She likes to wake up slowly, so she joins me in the living room about 15 minutes after I settle in.

She likes her own space, so she claims her own couch.

Then she either rearranges the pillows and blankets to suit her fancy, or she uses her nose to push them off the edge.

Then comes the fun part. She sleeps. Sometimes she snores and wakes herself up. Sometimes she dreams and her paws will start moving. Sometimes she goes into complete relaxation mode and lounges with all four feet up in the air.

When I think of what has happened in our world, in our communities and in our individual households these past few months, there are certainly some things that need to go back to normal. I won’t even try to guess what those things are for you — it’s different for each of us.

But there are some things we’ve gotten to experience through this quarantine that I hope will stay the same.

Here’s the biggest one: I hope we can keep the love.

I personally know three people who have gotten puppies in the last two months, but I know there are many more because I’ve seen the videos of volunteers cheering at the animal shelters when the last cage is empty.

To me, that translates to love. People are giving love to an animal, but equally important, they are learning what it feels like to receive love.

It’s not just from dogs or cats either. From my little perch on my couch in Aberdeen, SD, I see people loving each other better than they ever have before. Through window decals and care packages and text messages and a whole assortment of creative ideas, we are seeing love unfold in new ways.

Just like that tree in my backyard that went from wintery death to springing with life, it’s happening in our souls too. I hope you feel it and join in on spreading it to others.

And if a pet isn’t in the game plan for you, no worries. On the days you’re feeling blue, pull up Pluto Living on Facebook or Hank_Hairstyles on Instagram, or just google cute animals. You’ll get your fix of love in no time.