The awesome thing about living in a small town is that we get to see celebrities on a regular basis. We’ll be at the grocery store, standing in the cereal aisle when all of a sudden, BOOM!, Celebrity Sighting!

It’s just the coolest. My kids will back away shyly, barely able to make eye contact, waiting for the celebrity speak first.

They always do.

Usually it goes like this:

“Hi Ben!” says the celebrity.

“Hi Mrs. McGarry!” says my son, tentatively.

A little small talk ensues and then we head our separate ways. At which point, my child will explode with, “Mom! That was Mrs. McGarry! We were just talking about healthy food choices in class today. I hope she didn’t see we’re buying four boxes of Front Loops.”

Yep, in our family, teachers are celebrities. It’s hard to believe they do things like shop at Target, buy groceries and go out to restaurants. But they do. And we always get excited when we see them.

My heart for teachers goes further than my words can express, but I figured since it’s World Teachers’ Day I had to at least give it shot.

Teachers, the world is messed up and the education system is messed up and sometimes I bet you feel messed up. But every day, you show up. Knowing you’re going to hit curve ball after curve ball, you still show up to the game with your bat and glove, ready to give it your best. (By the way, thanks for not using the bat in the literal sense. I imagine it’s tempting some days.)

As a parent and a former student, I just want to tell you it matters. Especially now, when you’re being asked to be more resilient than anyone thought possible, those of us on the sidelines notice and appreciate your efforts.

And teachers, on those days when you feel like you just can’t give it your all, that’s okay. None of us can show up with our A game all the time. I still appreciate your B and C… and so do my kids.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart … far past the place where words can reach … thank you for helping me to raise great kids.