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I have this thing about waving. I love to do it. I get such a kick out of smiling and waving and seeing total strangers wave back.

I think I found my soul mate (other than my husband, of course). Vinnie Rominger, of Battle Creek, Michigan likes to wave at people too. Only, he took it a step further and ... Read More

How in tune are you with what’s happening around you? Do you walk into the grocery store while texting on your phone? (I’m guilty.)

When you walk out of that store, would you be able to tell someone the color of the cashier’s eyes? (‘Fraid not.) Or even their shirt color? (Maybe.)

Sometimes my mind is so full of what needs to ... Read More

I remember my son at age 2 meeting his first celebrity. Belle wore a beautiful tufted yellow dress, and although there were hoards of people waiting for her attention, in the moment he first bravely approached her, Princess Belle made Charlie the priority.

It seems like that kind of kindness between “celebrities” and the rest of us only happens in fairy ... Read More

Will someone please remind me of this crazy-hot weather when the snow is swirling and it’s 30 degrees below zero this winter?

Living in the Dakotas creates a sort of seasonal amnesia. When it’s hot, we forget it’s going to get really cold — and when it’s cold, we forget it’s going to get really hot. At least I do.

I prefer ... Read More

Heather Brebaugh is a magnet for kindness. She sees it everywhere she goes, and where she doesn’t see it, she creates it.

She reminds me of something I’ve learned over the years about kindness: it changes our perspective. It helps us get our eyes off of ourselves and our own problems. It moves our brain to a place of compassion for ... Read More

The resilience we’ve each had to learn through COVID will be a tool we rely on for the rest of our lives. That’s certainly one benefit of the last few months.

One more benefit I’ve seen is the realization that little things really do matter. I used to get caught up in the hustle, and sometimes I still do. More often, ... Read More

Sometimes we get numb to certain words. Phrases like, “How are you?” or “I’m praying for you,” or “You’re in my thoughts,” should mean something, but oftentimes they are said so flippantly that they begin to lose their meaning.

Gretchen Robinson, from South Hill, Va., found the power of kindness that lives in those words during a recent health crisis.

“A couple ... Read More

Can you believe some people aren’t huggers? I’m going through hug withdrawal thanks to COVID, but I know other people who are grateful for the physical distancing rules.

I was speaking at a high school a few years ago when a shy girl walked up to me to share something painful that was on her heart. She talked about needing hope ... Read More

New friends, old friends — sometimes, we just need a friend.

This past May, on my 45th birthday, I got a text from a high school friend. We keep up with each other’s families on Facebook, but that’s about it. Still, when we do talk, it’s like there has been no passage of time.

Along with the text, this friend sent me ... Read More

Does anyone else feel like marriage is a tricky thing during COVID-19?

I say that only sort of jokingly. My husband and I had a conversation the other day about how different our daily interactions are with each other. Normally, as a college basketball coach, Saul is on the road recruiting or heading to away games. I spend a lot of ... Read More