The hardest part of this so-far-short little journey has been telling our family. We didn’t want to get everyone all anxious about something that may be a non-issue. Doctor Peggy was pretty adamant today that this is now officially NOT a non-issue.

I called my mom first, then my dad (who had to call me back because he was driving to see his father-in-law who is in the final stages of death), then my sister (we laughed a lot), then my brother (who most definitely did not laugh). Saul was calling his parents and sister at the same time, so I didn’t have to actually say the words to them, I just got to tell them I was okay.

I can handle feeling the hurt myself, but it was knowing I was the one doling out the hurt on my family was almost more than I could bear.

Each conversation pretty much went like this (my words):

Hey, what’s up? Are you busy?

I have breast cancer.

I’ve done a bunch of tests and tt’s only in the left breast and not in the lymph nodes.

I’m heading to a great cancer center in Columbus for the biopsy, so we’ll know more of what we’re dealing with in about 3 weeks when they determine a plan of action.

Yeah… I know. It does suck. But I really feel like God chose me for this. Not that He gave me cancer, but that He’s allowing me to be the one to go through this so I can tell women who don’t know Him that He really is there with them during this experience. I feel honored almost that He would think I’m strong enough and a good enough communicator to do this.

I’m in a really good place. I’m at peace with it all.

I love you. I’ll call you when I know something more…