I would like to warn all of my friends in Fargo that someday, when I see you again, you will not be getting the same old me. Nicole 2.0 has arrived. In the past, you sweet, sweet friends would lovingly invite me into your homes knowing that I would show up with a take-and-bake pizza (always pepperoni) and a giant cookie cake (from the grocery store). Always. Today, I have broken out of my take-and-back shackles. It’s the neighborhood picnic and I am bringing a…. FRUIT SALAD!!! I even cut the cantaloupe myself! I’m also bringing a bowl of chips, but I’d like to point out that I actually mixed two different types of chips, just to be fancy. As my new best friend, Glennon Doyle Melton (by the way, read her blog at http://momastery.com) likes to say, “We can do hard things.” I’d just like to add that sometimes it’s the easy things that throw me for a loop.

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