Hi, my name is Sarah and I have hacked into Nicole’s account. It’s ok-I’m on her kindness team and she said just this one time she would let me share my thoughts with everyone instead of her regular Monday blog. Hope that’s ok with y’all.

Did you catch her on the Price is Right? If not, check out the link here https://youtu.be/dZDTvIh-c9A. If you didn’t have a chance to watch, I’ll bring you up to speed….she wins a car!!! And not just any car, a Mazda SUV in my (and her) favorite color blue! It was super exciting to watch and will for sure make you smile. If that doesn’t, I bet you will at least giggle when you see her fall on her butt as gracefully as she can while spinning the big wheel. Drew Carey jokes about her “bidders guilt” the entire time because she did that thing where you bet $1 above the other best bets. She had to keep winning the car a secret for 2 entire months! I wont say if I knew or if she called me the night it happened.

So, this just happened-Kindness Champion Nicole Phillips wins a car on The Price Is Right and everyone is happy for her, right? My marketing brain is trying to figure out how to tie her winning a car with Kindness to let other TV shows like Ellen and Good Morning America know why they need to invite her to speak about Kindness. Ever since hearing her speak, I knew I wanted to help her with marketing the idea that “the life transformed with kindness is YOUR OWN.” Her message about the power of kindness changed my life. Everyone reading this already knows Nicole is awesome at writing about kindness, but have you ever had the chance to hear her speak?

“No shame” marketing plug here: we’re booking her speaking calendar for the end of 2019 and 2020 for conferences, women’s events and corporate team building opportunities.

But I also have learned that not everyone wants to think about kindness all the time. News spreads faster around the water cooler when it is about the latest office drama, not about the nice thing your co-worker did. Maybe not everyone reading this is excited about Nicole winning a car.

Squirrel trail … did you know that the Phillips family found out after the show that they would no longer have a company car and maybe this is a big blue wink from God?

Here is the biggest challenge we have when marketing kindness. People often say, “I do acts of kindness but I don’t want to tell everyone about it.” Hmmm … this is a good point, but if no one ever talked about it, how would kindness spread? A close friend and fellow kindness advocate shared that it is all about your intention when conducting kindness. Do you do an act of kindness hoping for recognition or a thank you note or even just to earn brownie points? Or do you do it to let that other person know that

-they matter

-you noticed them

-and that Jesus loves them

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10 ESV

Do you believe that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus on earth to spread his love? If your intention is in the right place, kindness is a beautiful experience to share with others. It is inspiring to see how the Holy Spirit shows up at just the right time. And by sharing with others, it may be the nudge of encouragement someone else needs to think about kindness — this is how Kindness becomes Contagious.

Nicole has had a kindness team in place for 18 months. As a team, we don’t talk about finances very much, but when Nicole went to LA to spread kindness on the Hallmark Home and Family Show, even though she wasn’t getting paid, she bought her flight and two others from our kindness team to go (Amanda and Chloe). She believes so strongly in spreading the message of kindness, she puts her own money into this. Think about that for a minute … she could choose to keep quiet and live a life being kind to others but never write about it or speak to groups. But she knows this message of kindness will spread faster if she talks about it. And I know Kindness will spread REALLY fast if she meets Ellen and gets to talk about it on her show. Nicole has put a roof over the head of not one, but two children that weren’t her own … in her own home. And I know that if it came down to it, she would take the shirt off her own back to keep someone else warm. She not only is a Kindness Champion, she is a real life example of what kindness looks like in action.

So … if you want to learn more about her kindness message or get tips on how to win a new car, email me at sarah@nicolejphillips.com and I’ll set you up with Nic!