I’ve had people say, “I bet it’s fun being married to a basketball coach!”

I’ve also had people say, “I bet it’s hard being married to a basketball coach!”

The truth is, I’m not married to a basketball coach. I’m married to the guy I fell in love with in sixth grade. The one who golfs & watches the Packers, but mainly spends his free time doing things like intricately mapping out Halloween costumes with his daughter… and then dumpster diving (twice) to get just the right pieces of cardboard.

Saul convinced our daughter to dress up as Vermont for Halloween. When I asked the obvious question, “Why Vermont?” he gave the equally obvious answer, “Why NOT Vermont?” My daughter just stood there and beamed at their creative teamwork.

I guess some people might be interested in watching Saul do what he’s paid to do, but I’m way more interested in watching him do what he isn’t paid to do. Image


Too Much Toilet Paper

Did you know that if you use too much toilet paper it will get stuck in the pipes and your toilet will overflow? And did you know that if you have three inches of water on your upstairs bathroom floor it will begin raining down into your kitchen? Did you also know if you get potty water on the carpet outside your bathroom you will most likely have to tear it all out and begin again?

These are all interesting facts I have learned this week.

But guess what? I’ve also learned that the blowers the clean-up company uses to dry out your kitchen ceiling are incredibly fun.

So, I guess it wasn’t a bad week after all. Sometimes you have to be grateful for what went right.

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Mouse Hunters

The last — LAST thing I wanted to do today was call an exterminator, but when my husband mentioned this morning that for the past two nights he’s been hearing “scurrying” in the walls after I’ve gone to bed, I called.

Actually, calling was the second step. The first step was sending out a frantic plea on Facebook asking other moms who I should call.

This is when it’s frustrating living in a new town. In Fargo, I’d just call one of the neighbors and they would magically make all of my problems disappear. Being new to Ohio, I have to think a bit… or rely on my virtual neighbors on the internet.

The Facebook moms came through big-time with the name of a guy from Prater’s Wildlife Control. The owner arrived within an hour, used his iPhone to show me a picture of the mouse droppings so I wouldn’t have to actually crawl into the walls to see them myself, then proceeded to lay out a plan on how to get the mice  out of the house and make them stay out.

Then, just for fun, he also checked the roof for bat droppings to see if we had any of those. For the record, we do not. Thank you, God.

Up and down ladders, in and out doors, this guy worked his tail off — with my four year old in tow. Yep. He he took my very interested son on his own little version of “Mouse Hunters.” The kindness this man showed my son made my day– and Benjamin’s day, too.

So, no, I’m not happy I had to call an exterminator today. But I am thrilled I got a chance to see another way someone choses to extend kindness.

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