Looking for a good book? How about Kindness is Contagious: 100 Stories to Remind You God is Good and So are Most People now available on Amazon and at a variety of local bookstores!

Joining me in the weekly quest to memorize God’s word? Here are some free printable graphics! If you know Tania Meek, give her a big hug for creating most of these beautiful pieces of art!

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We are here to love and support each other through life, but we can’t do it all on our own. Sometimes our greatest act of kindness comes from being a connector.

ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis, the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and Women’s Impact are a few of the resources I choose when leading with kindness and making connections for others.

Also, here is a link to a great article about breast cancer:

ABCD: After Breast Cancer Diagnosis

logoThis is a FREE personalized helpline for patients and the people who love them.

You can call the helpline to talk with a breast cancer survivor, and if you want, be matched with someone who has walked a similar journey in an individualized mentoring program.

Call the ABCD helpline at 800-977-4121 or visit


Susan G. Komen Foundation


Did you know that the number of women in the U.S. who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year could fill the Convo Center (the HUGE college arena where my husband’s basketball team plays) 18 times?!!!!! For those who catch it early, like I did, it will be a blip on the radar. For those who don’t, it will be a life and death battle. I HAVE to reach those women. I GET to reach those women.

***Komen Columbus will be back in Southeastern Ohio for the 2nd Annual Athens Race for the Cure on Sunday, Oct. 23, 2016. I hope you’ll join me on the Ohio University campus for a fun morning run or walk! Sign up at

11890450_10153538765728844_2750228189431946165_oAlso, Jordan Phillips will be sewing her little heart out once again to raise money for the cause. You can make a donation to Cozys for the Cause here and she’ll be sure to mail you an original coffee cup cozy.

Please visit The Komen Foundation website for information about the fight against breast cancer and to find a race in your area. 

 Women’s Impact

ImageWomen’s Impact (formerly Diva Connection Foundation) is a very neat online classified specifically serving the needs of women in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

I had the honor of seeing just what happens when women connect to help each other as I served as the inaugural volunteer executive director from 2011-2013. The project continues to grow and now includes vlog posts and personal online mentors!

Founder, Cris Linnares, is still actively involved and leads many motivational retreats for women. Her messages are inspiring and life changing.

Please visit Women’s Impact. Post what you need, how you can help, or just get inspired by their community!