Kindness Podcast

My mom is an amazing woman. I get to talk about kindness and reconciliation and God’s great power to redeem because my mom allows me to share her story as part of my story.

Tom Hodson, the host of Spectrum Podcast and Director WOUB Public Media invited me to be on his show to talk about how my childhood opened the door for my mission of kindness. This was the hardest interview I have ever done, and for my family– especially my mom,  I’m sure this will be the hardest interview they will ever listen to.

As you listen to this podcast, I hope you will remember that we can and should REJOICE in our trials and even in our own regretful decisions because it is those times of trouble that create in us the ability to love others more deeply. That’s where kindness is born.

Thank you to WOUB Public Media for producing this podcast. You can listen to all of the Spectrum podcasts by clicking the link below. If you want to listen to my interview, it’s Episode 48.

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